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The Ultimate Guide to Traveling with Infants

Planning a trip with an infant can be quite daunting. The idea of packing a suitcase, a stroller, a car seat, toys, a diaper bag, and keeping an active baby entertained for hours on end can be a little overwhelming. But a trip with your child doesn’t have to be a burden. Here are a few simple tips to make your ‘baby’s day out’ a breeze.

Pack Light

You already have a baby who needs every ounce of your attention. The last thing you need is to be weighed down by your luggage. Yes, this is easier said than done, but try to keep it at a bare minimum and pack only the essentials. So, while you may feel the need to bring enough toys to keep the little one occupied, don’t overdo it. You may also consider replacing actual toys with baby-friendly apps on your mobile device to save up on even more space.

Keep Essentials in your Carry On

Store a day's supply of clothes, diapers, wipes, burp cloths, pacifiers, teething rings, toys, and snacks if your baby is already eating solid food. Store the bag under the seat in front of you rather than in the overhead compartments for convenient access.


Never underestimate the power of music, especially during nap time. You’d be surprised what a little perfectly timed musical distraction can do; it works wonders. Soft, soothing music works just like a lullaby; it will help calm your child down whenever he starts to get cranky.

Be the Last in the Car/Plane

As a courtesy, everyone will want you to be the first to get on. That’s sweet, but it’s the last thing you want to do.

You want your child out of that confining space until it’s absolutely necessary. The longer they are in that space, the crankier they’ll get, so hold off from getting on for as long as possible. Also, being the last to get on gives your baby more time to be freely active and burn up as much energy as possible before you strap them in place. This way, all they’ll want to do for a while is relax, and by the time they’re getting active again, the better part of the journey may be done.

Book a Flight that Coincides with Baby’s Bed/Nap Time

The ideal scenario would be one where your baby sleeps through most of the journey; it’s much more comfortable for both of you. To help them do that, book a flight that coincides with their bed time or nap time. It’s likely that the gentle hum of a plane will soothe your baby to sleep, but it’s better to schedule a flight at a time when they’ll be sleepy anyway, for example, a night flight when your baby would normally be drifting away.

Our car service in Philadelphia offers airport shuttle transportation that will save you the hassle of getting to the airport with a baby in hand. Our professional chauffeurs are courteous and considerate and will do everything to ensure that your ride is as smooth and as comfortable as can be for you and the little one.

Posted on Aug 22nd 2017

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