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Travel Insurance: What Business Travelers Should Know

People flying across the Atlantic during the spring and summer months of 2010 were likely shocked when their flights were canceled. The culprit? Eyjafjallajökull, a volcano in Iceland, was having its day, many days, actually. Anyone who traveled during that time and didn’t have proper travel insurance likely had to pay for new plane tickets and a ton of other services that they hadn’t expected to pay for when their trip started.

Unexpected Travel Mishaps

Although a volcanic eruption rarely happens, it demonstrates the need for travel insurance and the protection it brings. Granted, it is a rather extreme example. You might only need travel insurance because you twisted your ankle when you went skiing in New Zealand or because you got a tick bite on your African safari. Still, having travel insurance does help you immensely in these instances.

According to the website the Y Travel Blog, carrying travel insurance can help you in a number of instances.

  • If you’re forced to cancel your trip
  • A natural disaster - think volcano or hurricane - strikes your travel destination (or makes travel impossible as in the case of the Icelandic volcano)
  • You sustain an injury on your trip or get really sick
  • If the airline loses your luggage or it (or any of your belongings) gets stolen
  • You and your passport are parted

When do you Need Travel Insurance?

So how do you decide which kind of travel insurance to get and how much? For example, you may wonder if car rental is included in your travel insurance policy. Or if your lost laptop can be replaced. You’d want to check that portion of the policy out. It pays to read the fine print.

You should also know that having credit cards with travel insurance on it doesn’t necessarily cover what you think it will cover, according to the U.S. News and World Report. While you may get some baggage insurance or accident insurance, your car rental may not be covered. It could be, too. Asking around is the be policy.

And even if you do get travel insurance, your particular kind of trip may require you to have some pretty specific insurance. If you plan on doing activities like bungee jumping or heliskiing, regular travel insurance may not cover that. Look at your travel itinerary as a guide for the type of insurance you’ll need.

Other Considerations

Further, you should also be aware that you’ll need to keep up your regular health and dental insurance in addition to needing to buy travel insurance. Be aware, too, that your age will determine how much you’ll pay for travel insurance. People who are 65 or older usually pay more.

Again, chatting with an insurance agent and reading the fine print of your travel insurance contract will help you understand what kind of coverage you have. Keep in mind that some services like car rental services aren't always paid for by travel insurance. That being the case, your best bet is to hire the safest and most secure services in the city.

In this respect, our Philadelphia limo service may make much more sense for your travel plans, especially if you're here on business. Our car service in Philadelphia provides you with comfort, security, and safety as you travel around the city. Our professional chauffeurs will get you to each of your appointments on time. Finally, our cars are insured and very secure. If you have security or scheduling concerns, a service like ours may be a better fit for your travel plans than a rental car, anyway. Sometimes, using wisdom on your trip is the best insurance of all.

Posted on May 30th 2017

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