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Top Tips and Questions to Ask When Visiting a Winery

Southeastern Pennsylvania is home to the superb Brandywine Valley wine trail. Each winery in this beautiful location will introduce you to a new ambiance every time you visit. Whether you prefer a rustic beauty or a more elegant feel, you can be sure that this sort of experience will never get boring. You can always learn something new, enjoy a unique experience and have some fun savoring wine.

Here are some of our favorite tips to keep in mind when visiting a winery. You can also use the list we have compiled at the end of the article to ask some relevant, appropriate questions on the subject matter.

  • Donít drive. Have a chauffeur standing by instead.

Even though you are not drinking per se, you donít want to drive after a wine tasting. But donít worry, thatís what weíre here for.

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  • Be flexible. Donít get stuck in a rut.

The entire point of an activity like this is to try various tastes, notice the more delicate hints, and maybe even discuss and analyze them with others. Donít limit your experience to sticking to what you already know. Try something new. You might even uncover a surprising combination your taste buds were always waiting for.

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  • Chat people up and expand your knowledge on the subject. But donít boast.

Whether itís talking to your chauffeur, or the servers at the wine tasting, you should have an idea about what to ask. However, you should also stay away from complicated terms until you fully understand what they mean.

  • Do a little research beforehand. Donít just expect people to talk to you.

Even though your main purpose is to learn from the experience, it might be wise to research some information on your own first. Wineries can get pretty crowded, especially on weekends. In these cases, the people in charge will probably not have the time to talk.

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  • Should you ask questions or not?

Itís nice to ask questions, provided you really care about the answer. Otherwise we advise against it. Nonetheless, here are some of the best questions to ask at a winery to expand you knowledge on fine wines:

  • Where were the grapes grown?
  • Is there local shipping available?
  • Is this wine available back home?
  • How many barrels of this wine were produced?
  • What food recommendations are the best fit for this wine?
  • Does this look like a good year?
  • Has the wine been mixed with other grapes than the main varietal?
  • (and if so) In what quantity?
  • In what type of barrel has this wine been kept?
  • How much barrel time has this wine had?

But if you feel like the people there are not very knowledgeable, or if you are shy and would rather not engage in conversation, there are usually informational sheets available for those who would like to know technical details.

  • Honesty is the best policy. Donít worry about offending.

Spitting wine is normal at a wine tasting. Donít worry about being rude. After all, thatís what a wine tasting is for: getting to know what you like and dislike, and staying sober to fully appreciate the experience.

We hope you learn many new and interesting things on the Brandywine Valley wine trail. You can even take notes at the event, for a more dedicated involvement and a more structured learning experience.

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Posted on Sep 5th 2017

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