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Your Thanksgiving Day Guide in Philadelphia

Millions of Americans are traveling around the country this week. Some are on their way home to see family, others are taking the family away on holiday, some are just doing their weekly commute to the city. Whatever your reason for traveling, itís going to be very busy.

Thatís why weíve prepared our Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Guide.


Travelling to The Airport

Celebrity Limo covers all Mid-Atlantic regional airports in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York and Maryland. So, if you are flying this Thanksgiving Week, then we can guarantee you safe, comfortable, luxurious and punctual travel to and from the airport.

At Celebrity Limo, we are prepared for the extra traffic. Our HQ in Philadelphia provide our drivers with real-time traffic and flight information, so you will never be late to where you are going.


Traveling to An Event

If you are heading out to an event this Thanksgiving Week, then you need to think about how you are going to get there. You canít travel on the bus in your black-tie and you donít want to brave the Thanksgiving Day traffic on your own. Thatís where Celebrity Limo comes in. Our Philadelphia Limo Service is the only way to travel in comfort, luxury, style, and safety this week.


What to Do on Thanksgiving Day in Philadelphia


Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade

Philadelphia is the proud owner of the oldest Thanksgiving Day Parade in the country. In its 98th year, the Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade holds host to some of the biggest balloons, best-decorated floats and top celebrity appearances. The 1.4-mile route heads down the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and has plenty of great viewing spots along the way. You can either get up early, dress up warm and view it from the street or head to one of the viewing parties or restaurants along the route.


The Comcast Holiday Spectacular

The Comcast Centre opens their annual Comcast Holiday Spectacular on Thanksgiving Day. The amazing experience is full of sights and sounds from the holidays. So, if youíre in the holiday season spirit, then get yourself down to the grand-opening.


The Christmas Village

Philadelphiaís amazing Christmas Village is only around the corner from the Comcast Holiday Spectacular. So, if you want to fit in a whole day of Christmas fun, then get yourself to both events.


Eating Out on Thanksgiving Day

Philadelphia is home to hundreds of world-class restaurants, so itís the perfect place if you want to save yourself the stress of cooking this Thanksgiving Day. Many restaurants have already been booked up for weeks, but if you search around you might still be able to grab a table or find a cancellation.


Eating in On Thanksgiving Day

If you havenít already bought your Turkey, head down to Bolton Farm Market, Fair Food Farmstand or Godshallís Poultry. You can pick up a fresh, plump turkey any time before Thursday and head down to one of the fresh vegetable markets in the city center while you are there.


Posted on Nov 21st 2017

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