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How to Survive Business Travel During the Holidays

Thanksgiving marks the start of the holiday period. But for those of us who travel for business, the world doesnít stop turning. Millions of Americans will still be cramming in trips right in until Christmas Day.

But the airports wonít just be full of road warriors. there will be millions of extra travelers.

At Celebrity Limo, we are experts in making business travel as comfortable and easy as possible. Our fleet of luxury cars are maintained to the highest level, so you can be sure they are safe and reliable.

Here are our tips for surviving business travel during the holiday season.


Pack Smart

You donít want to be lugging a heavy suitcase around at this time of the year, and you definitely donít want to be checking a suitcase in! Buy yourself a carry-on and some vacuum sealed packs so that you can save as much space as possible.


Dress Appropriately

Make sure you buy a high-quality winter coat. No matter how good your suit looks, you wonít look great if youíre shivering. Silk undergarments are also a great way to keep warm and save space.


Take An Alternative Route

In the holiday season, the normal route you take might not be the quickest. If possible, you should take a route that is off the beaten path and avoid major airports. Sometimes trains are a better option that planes if you want to avoid the rush.


Choose Your Travel Days Carefully

The busiest days for travel in December are 23rd and the 27th, so avoid these at all costs. If you can get home a few days before Christmas it is well worth doing. Research which days are the least busy and book your flights accordingly.


Use Your Loyalty Program

Itís time to start using your loyalty points to your advantage. Depending on your loyalty scheme your points can be used to get access to airport lounges, skip the long lines and even upgrade to first-class seats. If you have been saving your points up, this is the time to use them.


Get the Right Apps

There are so many apps that can make business travel easier, itís hard to keep track. JetSmarter can find you private flights for similar prices to business and first-class. This is a great option for business travelers over the holiday season. HotelTonight helps you find last-minute hotel deals if you miss your flight or it is delayed.


Let Celebrity Limo Take Care of The Airport Run

Donít get stuck in the snow this Christmas, or wait for a cab that never turns up. Our PA Airport Transfer service is always on time and our luxury fleet of cars always have the temperature set just right.


Get Your Shopping Done

Use your time at airports and in different cities to do your Christmas shopping. If you are a savvy shopper you can pick up some great gifts that you canít get anywhere else. Do your research and try to find some unique shops in the area you are.

Posted on Nov 28th 2017

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