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Productivity Tips: Working while out of Office

Just because you are out of the office, that doesn’t mean that you can’t get plenty of work done. Especially if you are on the road for a business trip, you need to learn how to get things done when you are away from your desk. To help you out, we have put together the following tips you can use to stay productive while you are working out of the office.

  1. Save Projects to Your Laptop

Having projects stored in the cloud is great. This is especially true for group projects. However, the last thing you want is to lose work time out of the office because you couldn’t get access to an important project in the cloud. You never know when the Internet will go out or be spotty when you are away from the office. You should always keep copies of your projects on your laptop on the road so that you can always work on them regardless if you have Internet access or not.

  1. Stop Rushing

When you are rushed, you will never do your best work. In fact, doing your work in a big hurry will actually make you less productive. You are much better off staying calm, which will allow you to gain deeper focus and get your work done faster. When you feel rushed, you will never be able to relax and achieve maximum productivity. Make sure you create a schedule that allows you to get places in as calm a fashion as possible to keep your work level maximized.

  1. Close the Laptop and Pick up the Phone

While email may be the easiest method of communication, it is not the most effective. If you want to maximize your productivity when you are away from the office, you should make phone calls whenever possible. You can impart more information more effectively when you call someone and talk to them rather than sending an email. You can answer questions and address concerns immediately during a single phone call instead of sending multiple emails back and forth.

  1. Plug in Your Laptop

Whenever you have a chance, you need to plug in your laptop when you are on the road. Doing a lot of work away from the office will drain your battery quickly, and a dead battery will send your progress crashing to a halt. Make sure you always plug in your laptop when you are next to an outlet so that you can keep your battery charged and your work humming along.

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Posted on Jul 11th 2017

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