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Must Have Accessories for Business Travel

Business travel is all about convenience and efficiency. Whether it’s using our airport transfer in PA to get you to and from your business meetings or finding the best apps to help you work while you’re in the air, our business clients are always looking for the best way to promote productivity. Business travel isn’t about enjoyment so much as it’s about work, and that’s why these accessories are the best ones for business travelers. They each have a purpose and a function, and they all help business travelers get more done while out of town.

An iPad Pro or Similar Tablet

Many airlines and airports have banned the use of laptops on flights in the past few months, which means many business travelers are left without a way to work on flights. An iPad Pro or a comparable tablet becomes necessary for travelers who have this problem. It’s a tablet, so it’s permitted on flights. However, it can be attached to a keyboard that turns it into a laptop. You won’t have a mouse, but you’ll have all you need to get your work done quickly and efficiently on your next flight.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

You might love kids and understand precisely what the parents on your next flight are going through when their toddlers are having a fit, and you probably want them to know you aren’t upset by kids being kids. You also need to get some work done, take a nap, or spend time working on your meeting notes. This is when noise-cancelling headphones come in handy. You won’t worry about loud kids, the talkative person sitting next to you, or the other sounds long flights come with.

Mineral Water Spray

Evian has a wonderful selection of mineral water available at Sephora, and it’s quickly becoming a fan favorite on flights or during other long travel days. It’s easy to get on a plane and feel overly tired, wrinkly, and less than perfect by the time you land. With spray water of this nature, you’re going to have a chance to wake up and help your skin look and feel better. Moisture is so easily lost in the air, especially if you’re not getting enough water. This is a chance to keep your skin looking healthy. Just remember to keep drinking water while you’re in the air to prevent dehydration and dry skin that becomes puffy and red.

Sturdy Luggage

Some of the best luggage brands in the world are making it much easier for travelers to ensure their belongings are safe and stylish while traveling for business. Picking up a stylish piece of luggage with a hard exterior shell keeps your items from breaking, and it helps you keep from overpacking and paying overage fees when your bag weighs too much.

Our professional chauffeurs work hard to ensure our clients get the most out of our services. From our luxurious, comfortable, and safe vehicles to our highly-trained chauffeurs, our clients always come first. Let us help you make your next business trip more enjoyable and less stressful when it’s time to travel.

Posted on Jul 18th 2017

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