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How to Make Sure Your Business Travel Is Worth It

Business travel has changed. It used to be the only way to develop business relationships and run an international company, but now technology is changing the way things are done.

With telecommunications software like Skype and Facetime, you can have a face-to-face conversation with a colleague or customer anywhere in the world, in real time.

Technically, you could run an international business without ever leaving your office.

So why do so many people still travel for business. To put it simply, no matter how good the technology is, you canít replace doing business in person.

At Celebrity Limo, we understand the importance of building real business relationships. We help our clients get to their business meetings, take them to and from the airport and make sure their ground transportation is comfortable, luxurious and efficient.

In the modern business world, it is important to make sure your business travel is worthwhile.

Here are the questions you need to be asking yourself:


Are You Creating Real Business Relationships?

As Michael Massari - Caesars Entertainmentís Senior Vice President of National Meetings and Events - puts it:

ĎNo matter what industry you work in, we are all in the people business. Regardless of how tech-savvy you may be, face-to-face meetings are still the most effective way to capture the attention of participants, engage them in the conversation, and drive productive collaboration.í

You need to be asking yourself what the point of your business travel is. The answer should always be based around the business relationships you have with your customers, clients, colleagues or partners.


Could This Be Done Using Technology?

What are the specific objectives of your business travel? Could they be achieved over Skype or Facetime? The answer will almost always be no, but it is important to ask yourself the question. If you can save a round-the-world trip by simply making a call, then you probably should. This is all about vigilance, you must be tough with yourself and your employees/colleagues.


Are You Making the Most of It?

Youíre making a trip across the world. Itís going to cost thousands of pounds, make an impact on the environment and use up some of your valuable time. So, it needs to be worth it. Are you doing everything you can to make sure the trip is worthwhile. Have you packed it with valuable meetings? Are you doing everything you can to build solid relationships? Are you trying to learn lessons from the culture, to improve your own business?


Is Your Business Travel As Efficient As Possible?

When you travel regularly for business, you need to make sure it is as efficient as possible.


Are you using the right airline? That doesnít mean the cheapest on Skyscanner. Choosing your airline carefully could save you money and time in the long run even if the initial flight is expensive. Do your research about which airlines give the best loyalty schemes and fly to and from the airports you frequently use.


Is Your Ground Transportation Done Right? At Celebrity Limo, weíve been in the Philadelphia Limo Service game for over 25 years. We believe in the importance of efficient, comfortable and luxurious business travel. If you are traveling around the world, it is all about getting the small details right and thatís what we do best.

Posted on Dec 20th 2017

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