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Let your body language speak for you during your business meeting

Body language is a complex thing. The experts can tell a whole story about you by just watching you during your interview. The behaviorists also use body language to discover personality, thinking patterns and a lot more things that most of all have no idea about.

So, if the body language speaks for itself what you should learn to do to make it a strength? Read on and discover some helpful tricks:

Power Positions

Keeping your shoulders back with your arms either on your hips or along your sides. Always maintain eye contact and speaking in this position shows that you are a self-confident person and you practice what you preach. So plant your hands on your hips, and stand with feet hip-width apart if you want to be self-confident.

Establish Rapport with Mirroring

Mirroring is self-explanatory. You mirror the other guy's movements.

If the person you are mirroring taps his foot restlessly, you tap your foot restlessly. It’s not a joke is actually a simple process that helps you build or establish rapport with your audience. It can be used to make your audience feel more comfortable in an unexplored situation and to adapt in different situations.

Never adopt a "arms crossed in front of you" posture and never stay with your shoulders hunched in.

"Lean in" by leaning back

When conducting a job interview, this is the perfect way to assert your confidence and comfort level. Alternatives include placing your hands behind your head and resting an ankle on the knee.

Follow the Feet

Another interesting thing you should be aware of. Follow the position of their feet to know if they are receptive to the info you are offering. If they will point their feet toward you if they are receptive and if they are skeptical they will always point their feet away.

Moreover, you too should turn your feet towards the audience when you are speaking to them.

Body language can help you get over any nervousness or anxiety, if used appropriate.

Learn about it, and you should connect more quickly with any audience. Unfortunately, many people ignore the power of the body language completely, and they don't realize how much it has to do

with the way they interact with others.

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Posted on Dec 7th 2016

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