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Healthy travel – 5 smart eating options for business travelers

Here’s a challenge for you: Find a healthy breakfast in the airport for under a hundred dollars. Granted, we’re exaggerating here, but only by a little. If you travel a great deal, you know just how difficult it is to eat smart on the road. However, eating healthy while on the road doesn’t have to feel like a chore if you plan ahead. Here are five smart eating options for busy business travelers like you.


  1. Trail Mix and Other Snacks

Trail mix, nuts, dried fruits, and other “baggie” types of foods pass muster with TSA, so be sure to pack plenty of these types of items in your carry-on bag. You can make your own trail mix snacks or go to one of the Big Box stores in your area to buy this type of item in bulk. Some good choices are dried fruit roll-ups, nuts, cereal mixes, energy bars, and candy mixes.


  1. Look for a Healthy Snack Kiosk

If you’re between flights and between meals, the kiosks in the airport can provide you with some healthy snacks. These aren’t full meals; instead, they hold you over until you can eat a more substantial meal. If you choose this option, go for yogurt cups, bananas or apples, cheese, or juice. Be sure to stock up on water, too. Flying can dehydrate you.


  1. On the Plane

People who may have special meal requirements should talk to their airlines ahead of time to order special meals. Nowadays, it’s possible to order vegan or vegetarian meals, gluten-free, and a host of other “special diet” type dinners.

Doing this offers you a couple of advantages right off the bat. First, you know that while you’re on the plane, you’ll be eating something that’s healthy. Second, if you’ll spend a long time in flight - like you’re flying over the ocean - you’ll be served many meals. Eating like this on the plane means you won’t be at the mercy of the junk food in the airport convenience store.


  1. Restaurant Eating

It’s unavoidable on business trips to completely forego eating in restaurants. Although airport restaurants can still be spendy, there are usually a variety of different kinds of restaurants. Many fall within your travel budget. And of course, you’ll be eating in restaurants once you reach your destination.

For the times that you can’t avoid eating in a restaurant, gravitate toward places that offer a nice salad menu, healthy staples like steamed chicken or fish, or sandwiches with whole wheat bread and veggies. If you do find a healthy place, be sure to order some to-go items if you know that you’ll be stuck in meetings all day. Having food with you allows you to sneak in a bite or two between your meetings.


  1. Hotels With Kitchenettes

Nothing tastes like a home cooked meal. If you’re away from home, then you’ll want to go with the next best option, the hotel-cooked meal. Hotels that offer apartment-style living give you a living area, a small kitchen, and all the other amenities you need to set up “shop.” These types of arrangements give you the most control over how you eat when you’re on the road, and they’re an excellent option if you’ll spend several weeks in the same city.

If you are lucky enough to be offered this type of living arrangement, take advantage of it. Find out where the nearest grocery store is and stock up on the foods you normally eat at home if possible. Aside from the fact that this gives you a taste of home when you feel homesick, it also allows you to have total control over what you eat and drink. It can be a much healthier and cheaper option for you in the long run.

Being on the road takes a toll on your diet. Too much time spent on airplanes can leave you dehydrated, feeling a bit under the weather, and craving some of your favorite comfort foods. However, a little-advanced planning goes a long way toward helping you eat smart on the road. It’s likely, in the end, that you’ll see that these steps are worth it.

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Posted on Aug 8th 2017

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