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How to Get Some Sleep During an International Flight

If youíre a slightly nervous flyer like most people, itís not uncommon to go through a 14-hour flight without a wink of sleep. But that is going to get your business trip off to a bad start. You donít want to be on the back foot immediately.

A long international flight is actually the perfect time to get some sleep, it just takes a small amount of preparation.


Get Comfortable

On most international flights there is plenty of room to get some sleep. While itís important to travel light, here are a few must haves for those long flights.

Travel Pillow Ė during most overnight flights you will be provided with a pillow, but theyíre almost always too thin, itchy and sometimes even dirty. Invest in a high-quality travel pillow.

Travel Blanket Ė again, you might get one provided, but bringing your own will mean that you know it will be comfortable. Putting on a blanket is a subconscious thing that tells your brain itís time to switch off.


Set Your Watch

Setting your watch to your destination's time will help you with jet-lag and get you in the mindset for your arrival. It seems like a small thing but will help you leave your last destination behind and get some rest.


Take A Sleep-Aid

As long as you donít become reliant on sleep aids, they are a great way to help you drift off. If you donít believe in pharmaceutical sleeping aids, there are plenty of natural remedies. Chamomile tea for example. Or you could have a glass of wine.


Read A Good Book

While it might be tempting to watch a few of the in-flight films on offer, a good book is more likely to help you drift off. Blue light emitted from screens makes sleep harder, so give yourself an hourís reading time before trying to get some shut-eye.


Noise-Canceling Headphones

This amazing technology means you can really switch off from your surroundings. Put on some soothing calm music or perhaps a podcast to help you get to sleep.


Cover Your Eyes

Eye-masks can be bought in almost every departure lounge in the world. Invest in a high-quality one and shut off from all those distractions and lights on board.


Use Some Relaxation Techniques

Even if you sleep like a baby every night at home, an international flight can sometimes be a difficult place to fall asleep. Thatís why you should try some relaxation techniques.

If youíre new to this, try a guided visualization technique. Close your eyes, and visualize yourself walking somewhere you know well. Perhaps youíre walking around your home or a favorite holiday destination.

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Posted on Oct 3rd 2017

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