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Is Frequent Traveling Bad for Your Health?

Some people love traveling for business. Then there are those who just do it because they have to. If you are running or working for an international business, then sometimes you canít avoid traveling regularly.

But you have to ask yourself - what is it doing to your health?

There are the obvious things like eating too many McDonaldís and not being able to exercise regularly, but there also things you donít think about like jet lag and radiation exposure.

At Celebrity Limo, we are experts in luxurious business travel. So, we want to make sure we know how to make business travel as comfortable and healthy as possible.

Here are some of the ways regular travel can affect your health, and how to combat them.


Eating Unhealthily

Junk food and business travel go hand in hand. Airports are full of places to get a meal full of saturated fat and preservatives. While itís okay to have a meal like this every now and then, if you eat it regularly, it will soon catch up with you.

How to fix - prepare meals before you leave for the airport. Eat something healthy and full of slow-release energy (like non-starchy vegetables and sweet potatoes) before you go through customs and have a healthy snack to keep you going. It takes a bit of forward planning, but your body will thank you.


Not Exercising Regularly

Another problem with regular travel is that itís hard to stick to an exercise routine. You might have a gym membership and get a couple of good workouts when youíre home, but that all goes to waste when you are out on the road.

How to Fix - join a national or global gym so you can exercise anywhere, only book into a hotel with a gym or pool or just go for a jog around the block when you get to the hotel. Itís all about willpower.


Radiation Exposure

This might surprise you, but you are exposed to a lot of radiation when you are traveling on a plane. And because of the altitude, it affects you more.

How to Fix - †try and cut down on how many flights you take. Take a direct flight if possible and use Ground Transportation services where possible. You can count on our Philadelphia Car Services for all your ground transportation needs.


Jet Lag

Jet Lag is just one of those things that business travelers have to cope with. But it can have a serious effect on your health. It can affect your physical and mental health if you donít keep it in check.

How to Fix - there are plenty of tricks to combat jet lag. One of the most effective is to set your clock to your destinationís time as soon as you board the plane.


Weakened Immune System

When youíre 30,000 feet up, everyone is breathing the same circulated air, so you are more susceptible to illness.

How to Fix - make sure you are getting all your vitamins and minerals to strengthen your immune system.

Posted on Nov 1st 2017

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