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Five Things to Know About Winter Business Travel in Philadelphia

Posted on: January 10th, 2017

Philadelphia is actually a great place to hold your annual conference or meeting any time of year. During the winter bookings to the Philadelphia Convention Center are busier than during the spring and summer months. Everyone knows about the Philadelphia International Flower Show that is a herald to spring, but there is also the Philadelphia International Auto Show that is held the first weekend in February.

If your organization is planning to hold a conference or meeting in the City of Brotherly Love, there are five things you should know about traveling in this city.


 1, Prepare for the unexpected weather delays

Understandably there will be some issues with the weather. You should expect some delays due to icy roads and traffic. You could avoid driving in these conditions by having a chauffeur drive you to your destination. Celebrity Limo provides expert chauffeurs that are very familiar with these types of road conditions. We provide airport services through Philadelphia International Airport.


  1. Expect to be frustrated by parking fees

You may be lucky enough not to be frustrated by parking fees, but why take the chance? Winter weather doesn’t deter the Philadelphia Parking Authority, and if you run out of money for the meters you just might be out of luck. Avoiding these parking fees is easy. With Celebrity Limo you don’t have to worry about parking at all.


  1. Expect to pay to park your car in public lot with their hourly rates

The hassle of finding a public garage combined with the hourly rates that some of these garages charge could be enough to convince you to hire a limo service like Celebrity limo. The facts are that you may be able to get some good rates if you use a public lot for an extended period of time.


  1. Prepare to get lost on city streets and deal with detours

Celebrity limo chauffeurs understand and can navigate Philadelphia streets with ease. We know all the detours to your destination and have a good understanding of how to get you to your destination on time. Our premiere limo service has both a drive cam recorder and GPS to ensure your safety in our vehicles.


  1. Prepare to deal with city traffic patterns

Philadelphia is a city with very small streets. There are only two major streets in the city of Philadelphia and the Vine Street Expressway also runs through the city. The small streets aren’t easy to maneuver even when it is dry and clear. There are also traffic patterns that only someone who knows these patterns can navigate. The limo Philadelphia residents and visitors depend on to get them through these traffic patterns safely is Celebrity limo.


Celebrity limo has a wide selection of sedans, SUVs, vans and limousines for any occasion. Our “attention to detail” can provide you with the transportation service you need.