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How to Fit Leisure Time into Your Business Trip

Business trips donít have to be all work and no play.

In fact, itís healthy to factor in leisure time to business trips. It gives you time to get to know your colleagues, helps you switch off and will generally reduce stress.

Combining a business trip with leisure has become so common that itís got its own name. Itís called a Ďbleisure trip.í

This relaxed attitude to work trips is surprisingly common in China but has been adopted by countries like Australia and Spain for years.


Here are a few tips to fit some leisure time into your business trip:

Add an Extra Day Onto The Trip

You know how it works - you pack as many meetings as possible into a few days and then jump onto the first flight out of there. Well, it doesnít have to be like that! Book an extra day or two onto your trip and leave the calendar blank. You can explore the city youíre working in, spend some time with your colleagues or just have some time to yourself.


Research Your Destination

Make sure you research your destination before you arrive. Find out the must-see places in your destination, find out what the local dish is and where the locals hang out. If you ingratiate yourself with the culture, your local knowledge will come across in meetings and social engagements.


Get Out of The City

If you are fed up of the hustle and bustle of the city, get yourself out of there. You donít have to spend your leisure time in the city. You could even catch a local flight or train. Again, itís important to do your research so you donít waste the limited time youíve got.


Bring Your Family Along

One of the hardest things about traveling a lot for work is the time you spend away from your loved ones. Itís especially hard if youíve got a young family. So why not bring them along with you? If youíre traveling in the school holidays and your partner can get time off itís a great solution to the problem. You can soon turn the trip into a fun memory rather than a stressful one.


Use A Professional Car Service

At Celebrity Limo we specialize in Philadelphia car services, limo services, and airport transfers. That means we can make any business trip more relaxing. Our drivers are extremely knowledgeable about the area so if you need any advice on where to spend the day, just ask.


Donít Pack Your Day

Itís the natural thing to fit as many meetings as possible into a short time. It just makes good business sense, right?

Not really. Concentration will wane, you wonít enjoy the trip and relationships will suffer. Give yourself and your colleagues some time to relax together, and the business will go much smoother.

Posted on Oct 18th 2017

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