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Our favorite books for business travel

There is great value in reading business books. They can serve as a reminder of things that may slip through cracks during busy work days. Additionally, they may spur you to think of a solution in a creative way that you have not thought of before. Reading popular business books can help you find something in common when you meet important clients. A great way to find more time to read is to use our car service in Philadelphia. Leaving the driving to our carefully selected chauffeurs allows you to concentrate on what you are reading. Our well maintained vehicles are extraordinarily comfortable, allowing you to sink back in comfort while reading. If you need some new ideas for business books you might not have discovered yet, then consider these five books.

Shoe Dog

If you are just starting out, then you will find Shoe Dog one of the most engaging books that you can read. Phil Knight tells his story of success building Nike from the time that he sold running shoes out of his parent's garage to the giant company it has become today. Along the way, Phil shares mistakes allowing you to learn from his errors. This engaging story will leave you more inspired to see how your ideas can become successful.

The Power of Broke

When Daymond John started building FUBU, he had nothing more than $40 and great inspiration that his idea would be successful. In fact, throughout the pages of this book, he proves that being broke can work to your advantage. He started sewing and selling successful hats in New York City soon making $800 in a single day. Now, he shows you how to turn your own business idea into a roaring success. This inspirational book needs to be on your reading list if you want to make millions like Daymond John.

How to Have a Good Day

Scientists now have a deeper understanding of what helps people have a productive day. Until this book by McKinsey partner Caroline Webb, however, much of the scientific findings had not been turned into practical applications that busy business executives could carry out. The pages of this book are filled with actionable steps allowing you to set better priorities, strengthen your impact in your industry and find more fulfillment in life. Reading it during airport transfer in PA may change your whole perspective on your next business trip.

Tools of Titans

Tim Ferriss has interviewed more than 200 important business executives. In his book Tools of Titans, he gives great insights into what he learned during those interviews. He shares actionable tips that other executives are using to make their days more productive.

When you read these five business books, you may discover that you feel like you have more hours in your day. Therefore, the first thing that you should do is contact us to set up your ground transportation. Letting us handle the driving will empower you to read as you get ready for your next business trip.

Posted on Aug 1st 2017

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