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How to Combat Jet Lag

Jet lag is just part of life for some of us. When you are a frequent business traveler, you just canít avoid it. But you can reduce it.

At Celebrity Limo we meet hardened business travelers every day, and over the years weíve picked up a few tips and tricks on how to combat jet lag.


What Is Jet Lag?

In laymanís terms, jet lag is the interruption of our daily routines. Our body is programmed to do certain things like eating and sleeping at specific times of the day. Thatís why, when we fly through different time zones, it messes up these rhythms and can wreak havoc on our bodies.


Eat Healthy Foods

Eating healthy is the answer to almost any ailment, and jet lag is no different. Getting the right vitamins and minerals will give your body the help it needs to adjust to a new time zone. Eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and avoid heavy meals before the flight - you donít want a food hangover when you land.


Stay Hydrated

Again, you might be bored of hearing this. Stay hydrated before, during and after the flight, and your body will cope much better.


Prepare with A Good Nightís Sleep

You should aim to get a solid eight hours the night before the flight. Your body is going to go through a beating changing time zones, so you need to go into the fight well-rested.


Set Your Watch on The Plane

As soon as you board the flight, set your watch to the destinationís time. This is preparing you psychologically for the new time zone and giving your body and mind some time to adjust.


Donít Drink Caffeine

Have you ever drunk so much coffee that youíve had a major caffeine crash? Well, itís a similar feeling to jet lag - complete and utter exhaustion. Basically, you donít want to compound the issue by having a caffeine or sugar crash as well as jet lag.


Avoid Alcohol

This goes without saying. Weíve all had killer hangovers, and they only get worse with age. The last thing you want is a jet lag hangover. Avoid the bar and wait till your body has adjusted.


Catch Up on Sleep

Keep a mental note of how much sleep youíve lost in a twenty-four-hour period and try to catch up. If that means staying in bed for 12 hours or catching some shut-eye on the plane, then thatís absolutely fine. Your body repairs during sleep, so itís really important to catch up.


Choose A New Plane (better lighting and air purification)

New planes like the Airbus A380 have improved air purification and lighting systems that are designed to recreate natural air and light conditions. These features are put in place to help passengers combat jet lag, so itís worth doing your research and finding out what plane youíll be flying on.


Say No to Sleeping Pills (if you need one, only take one)

Sleeping pills are much like alcohol and caffeine. They are doing unnatural things to your body and there is always bound to be an adverse effect. If you really need a sleeping pill, only take one and ask your doctor about the effects.

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Posted on Nov 7th 2017

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