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Best 4 Tips for Preventing Jet Lag from Sabotaging Your Business Trip

Jet lag is a common occurrence, especially when you get stuck on an airplane for prolonged hours without adequate sleep. It can also happen when you travel too far away from home outside your time zone, compelling your body to adjust to those unfamiliar surroundings. This could cause you immense discomfort, and, although it's bad enough having to endure jet lag during your vacation, it's even worse when this happens during your business trip. You'll be required to be on A-game on your important business meeting; thus, you can't afford to nurse a jet lag.

While completely avoiding jet lag is virtually impossible, you can significantly reduce its effect on you while preventing it from sabotaging your business meeting. Here are some important tips for achieving this:

Prepare Adequately Before Your Trip

It's imperative to begin your battle against jet lag well in advance, before even setting foot on your plane. For instance, you should consider spending the last few days prior to your flight adjusting your eating and sleeping schedule, getting your body accustomed to the new time zone. If you're traveling west, you will want to retire to bed an hour later than your normal bedtime, conversely, go to bed an hour earlier every night if you're going east. Employ the same technique to adjust your dinner schedule.

Adjusting your sleeping habits also entails getting sufficient sleep before embarking on your flight. Sleep deprivation will only worsen your jet lag. Ensure to adopt a regular sleep schedule during the week before your flight.

Hit the Gym

If your hotel has a gym, then consider visiting and getting some exercise. This will help with boosting your energy while helping you sleep better at night. Exercises can do miracles when it comes to heightening your mood while making the effects of jet lag appear less severe.

Stay Hydrated

It's not uncommon to see people becoming dehydrated during a long flight, which renders the symptoms of jet lag even more prominent. You should, therefore, purchase a bottle of water in your terminal and take enough water to stay hydrated. It's imperative to note that the kind of air pressure experienced on planes is very different from the air on the ground; thus, it will have a longer lasting effect on your body, especially if you allow dehydration to set in.

Hire a Professional Chauffeur

Being able to hop off your plane to a waiting ride will give you more opportunity to rest, allowing you to be sufficiently alert for your business meeting. It will certainly be more convenient if you hire our limos offering efficient PA airport transfer, rather than driving yourself around while being exhausted. Going outside your time zone during your business trip doesn't necessarily mean that you must suffer through the entire trip; our limo services will help you with staying well rested while in town on your business.

Our Philadelphia airport shuttle will assist you with your travel needs. You can count on our adequately qualified and experienced chauffeurs to ensure that you are sufficiently comfortable to grab a nap and or relax. This will go a long way in alleviating any jet lag you could be experiencing.

Posted on Jun 13th 2017

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