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7 Things Successful People Do - Instructions for Success

Success in the business world isn’t easy. It requires a lot of grit and stamina, a lot of being told “No.” To overcome these challenges, there are specific things that successful entrepreneurs do to get to where they are today.

1. Embrace Uncertainty

Successful executives don’t get where they are by doing the exact same thing over the course of a year. They innovate. They experiment. You won’t know whether your great idea will sink or swim until you take that risk and see what happens. It may fail. It may succeed. But regardless of the outcome, you’ll likely have learned something valuable once you’ve made your idea a reality.

2. Offer More Value

When given a choice between two similar companies, a consumer is more likely to use the one that offers the information and resources they need to be educated about their purchasing decisions.

As Entrepreneur’s Dan Waldschmidt says, “Giving value beyond what people have paid for is a way for you to reposition your company amid the confusing marketing in your industry. It creates an experience your customers won’t forget.”

3. Learn

Business is competitive. To keep up, you have to stay abreast of the latest news in the industry, as well as constantly search for ways that you can improve your own business practices.

Follow thought leaders on Twitter. Subscribe to their blogs. Read industry journals. Attend networking events. Take a class. You have numerous options for learning.

4. Try and Try Again

Many successful entrepreneurs didn’t achieve success overnight. What sets them apart, then? Persistence. They continued experimenting, where others might have given up. It’s this dedication that helps an individual eventually reach their goals; because of their unfailing commitment to their vision, they achieve success, in spite of setbacks and failure.

5. Take Breaks

Humans aren’t designed to be 100 percent efficient all the time. To be your best, you need to take breaks and recharge your mind every now and then.

This could mean taking a vacation and refusing to check your work emails. Or it could mean simply indulging in a hobby for a few minutes during the day, like Human Workplace CEO Liz Ryan.

To combat work-related stress, she spends a few minutes enjoying the music she finds on YouTube, as well as posting a daily song on LinkedIn.

6. Acknowledge Your Weaknesses

If there’s a certain field or skill that you need for your business, it’s smart to do a cost-benefit analysis.

Do you have the time and resources to dedicate to filling this need yourself? Or would hiring another person be the best option?

While skills can certainly be grown and developed, it’s wise to know when you should take the time to learn a new skill, versus when you should hire someone who can complement your strengths with their own.

7. They’re Confident

Going into business means you have to be confident. In your product/ service. In your company. In yourself.

How else can one deal with people questioning the value of their product, or having to present a sales pitch to a potential client?

Without confidence, an entrepreneur won’t inspire confidence in other people—whether they’re employees or prospects.

Perhaps one of the most important traits in an entrepreneur is a lack of fear. The successful entrepreneur isn’t afraid of failure. He or she is constantly learning and innovating, but that drive is also balanced with much-needed rest and relaxation.

8. They respect themselves and others

The respect you give others is a dramatic reflection of the respect you give yourself. Leaders create a culture of universal respect. We believe that respect is the foundation for any serious discourse on coaching, leadership or building satisfying relationships with others. Without respect there are no possibilities for trust, sharing a vision, for empowerment or for creating powerful teams and organizations.

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Posted on Oct 11th 2016

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