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6 Wedding Transportation Mistakes You Must Avoid

Planning a wedding can be a problematic affair. There are so many things to worry about that you can quickly forget one of the essential part; wedding transportation. There are a few common mistakes to avoid when deciding how to handle your wedding transportation.

Six of them are listed below.

Wedding Transportation Mistakes to Avoid

Avoid these transportation errors when planning your wedding and everything will be just smooth.

Not Hiring Professionals

This is the first step to take to have hassle-free wedding transportation. Itíll take away the stress of coordinating different vehicles. Whatís more, your entourage can ride with you if you want. Itís all about getting the right vehicle.

Apart from the peace of mind enjoyed from hiring professionals, the various option of vehicles makes it even more enticing. Imagine having wedding photos filled with a range of stylish cars, from fancy sedans to white limos.

So, let the professionals do their job.

Limiting Your Options to a Standard Limo

There are various trendy ways to get from one place to another on your wedding day. You donít have to stick with the good old Limo, add a little flair. Think of something that is quick photo getaway, thatís what you get with the right vehicle.

Consider a vintage convertible if the theme of your wedding is a rustic outdoorsy type or a pedicab covered in flowers if itís a city affair. You can also decide to keep it classic with a silver Rolls-Royce or a white Bentley. Just as long as you know, there are other options to be explored.

Leaving Guests to Themselves

No wedding transportation rule book says you must provide a shuttle for your guests. However, helping any guest that is unfamiliar with the town with transportation is considered thoughtful.

If you have room in your budget, consider getting a charter bus which can hold at least 60 passengers. Itíll help you avoid;

  • Giving directions to lost guests
  • Late arrivals
  • Tipsy guests that need to get home

If you do not intend to hire transportation for your guests, another option is to suggest an excellent transport service to the guests.

Also, donít forget the guests that would be driving themselves. Find out what parking options are available at the reception site. If the parking space is a little far from the venue, hire a full-service valet team.

Thinking about the Wedding Day Alone

Planning your wedding transport should not be limited to your wedding day alone.† There are pre-wedding events to consider. These include;

  • Engagement party
  • Bachelor or Bachelorette
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • After party
  • Honeymoon Departure

These activities involve a lot of drinking. As such, providing transportation for yourself and guest is just ideal. Also, it makes it easier to sneak off to the airport for your honeymoon in a luxurious town car.

Not Creating a Call Sheet

If you are providing transport for your guests, you must create a call sheet. It should have details such as passengerís name, pickup point, and drop-off point. Your transport service should have this information before the wedding day.

Call each of the passengers and car service a day before the wedding to confirm the arrangement.

Not Planning the Dismount

It doesnít matter what mode of transportation you pick; you must plan with the dismount in mind. Getting off a Lamborghini in a tight wedding dress may be a little tricky. Before the wedding day, practice your dismount in your vehicle of choice.

This guarantees a smooth entry and exit.

Wrapping It Up

Wedding transport is often overlooked. However, the right transportation is crucial to the success of that day. When booking car service, you have to consider one with a high level of professionalism, luxury, and comfort. That is what we provide.

Have your pick from our fleet of luxury vehicles for your special day. Consider our wedding transportation in Philadelphia. Not only do you enjoy a luxurious ride to your venue, but you can also ride to the airport in style using our Philadelphia limo service. We have the perfect shuttle for your guests too.

Check transport off your list of worries because our car service has you covered. Contact us here.

Posted on Jan 9th 2018

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