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6 Problems With Group Tours And How To Avoid Them

Our Brandywine Valley Wine Trail company loves to take our clients on excursions, and we know how much you love to enjoy them. In our many years of taking clients on group tours, we’ve learned a few things about how to view group tours. We’ve learned what makes them great, and what makes them a downer. We’ve come up with six of the most common issues associated with group tours and how you can avoid them when it’s time for you to take a much-needed vacation.


Personal Space

No one enjoys being crammed into a vehicle that’s too small with too many people, and it’s a major complaint that many tour companies are aware of. It’s not just the car, either. It’s the locations you go, the tables your group is given, and the classes you might take.


Not Much Time

When you’re on a group tour, you might want to spend more time in one location and less in another. It happens, but it’s not something you get to control. If one winery is more beautiful than another as well as much larger, you’d rather spend more time there and less in one that doesn’t meet your needs. With a group tour, you don’t get to spend the kind of time you want at the places you like most.


Little Choice

It’s nice to take a tour where you can see all you want to see and do all you want to do while someone else drives you around so you can indulge in all the wine you want, but it’s not conducive to your enjoyment if you have no say. Many tours offer specific locations, and you might not enjoy all you want.


Tourist Traps

The problem with group tours is that you don’t get to choose where you go, so you’re only going where tourists go. There are no great local areas to go, and you’ll only get to spend time with other people also touring the area. If you want to meet people who live somewhere, you won’t find them on a group tour.


You’re Rushed

With so many people paying to do the same thing and go the same places, you’re often rushed to get from one place to the next with so many people getting on and off the tour bus. It’s not fun, and many people feel they don’t have the kind of time they want to enjoy the things they love the most when they’re on a tour.


Less Than Ideal Travel Accommodations

Group tours can be great if you don’t mind traveling in a vehicle that might not be what you prefer. It’s not always the most luxurious, or the most comfortable. That’s a big problem for so many travelers who want to see the sights in luxury.

Avoiding the biggest issues during group tours is easy when you call our Philadelphia limo service to book one of our professional chauffeurs to take you on the tour of your dreams. We take you where you want to go, we do it your way, and we don’t forgo the luxury experience.

Posted on Feb 21st 2017

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