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5 Ways to Get the Most of Your Layover

Ever looked at your flight details after booking and realized you’d got a long layover in a strange city? Your first reaction is probably annoyance. What a waste of time, stuck in an airport for 19 hours while you could be at home.

But you should see this as an opportunity to do something new and exciting to kill time. At Celebrity Limo, we provide limo and airport shuttle services to some of the top business people in the world, so we know how inconvenient it can be to find yourself stranded in a new city for some hours.

When you’re at the top of your game, almost all of your time is spoken for. That’s why a layover should be exciting. It’s your free time!

We’ve compiled this short guide with the five best ways to get the most of your layover.

Explore the City

The first step is to check the country’s VISA requirements. For example, a day trip to Moscow is going to cost you, and it will take time to organize. But if you're stuck at Kuala Lumpur airport for the day, you can walk out of the airport, hop on a train and enjoy a day out in one of Asia’s greatest cities.

If you can get out of the airport, there are two ways to approach your day out. If you’re a planner, you can find out the city’s landmarks, research the best eateries and make sure you have a packed day out. Alternatively, you could just walk around and soak up the vibe. It’s up to you.

Book A Ground Transportation Service

One of the best ways to explore a city is to book a professional driver to take you around. At Celebrity Limo, our drivers are well informed about their city and can show you all the best-kept secrets.

If you’re stopping over in Philly, book the most professional and knowledgeable car service Philadelphia has to offer.

Book A Hotel

 One of the hardest things about traveling for business is the jet-lag. Why not use your long layover to relax and sleep? Most airports have hotels in the long-haul lounges and they’re affordable, too. Check in to your private room and get some well-earned rest.


Catch Up on Some Work

 We didn’t want to spoil the fun, but you could really catch up on some work when you have some free time during your business trip. Almost every major airport has free Wi-Fi now, but on the off chance it doesn’t, you could buy a 4G wi-fi hotspot and solve some of your work-related tasks. You’re not likely to be interrupted!

Do Something You Wouldn’t Normally Do

 Remember a layover is your free time! You’re technically traveling and you can’t be expected to be working all the time. Instead, you could do something completely random. Start learning a language, have a spa day, try yoga.

Some airports have gyms, spas, cinemas and other great facilities so you can spend your time doing something relaxing.

Use your imagination and you might have the best layover of your life!

Posted on Sep 26th 2017

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