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5 Trends in Corporate Event Transportation for 2017

When you're an entrepreneur, it's always important to stay ahead of the curve. New trends in business, finance, and transportation are cropping up all the time. If you're headed to Philadelphia for business, here are the five trends in corporate event transportation you should keep in mind.


Trust A Chauffeur, Not A Driver

Believe it or not, it isn't "ride-sharing" that's the wave of the future. For true promptness, luxury, and professionalism, hire a chauffeur. When you use a car service in Philadelphia, you can be sure that you will be dropped off on time wherever you need to be. Unlike with "ride-sharing," where you don't know what kind of experience you will get, with a chauffeur, you are guaranteed a vehicle that is the best in its class.


Chauffeured Airport Transportation Leads The Way

Chauffeured airport transportation is the gold standard in providing a comfortable, convenient trip to and from the airport. Our limousine service utilizes a tracking application that delivers real-time status updates on vehicle location, and the activities of any vehicle or group of vehicles, to the benefit of our customers.

In case you have a last-minute vehicle request for a service, our dispatchers can easily see which vehicles are in the immediate vicinity for an ASAP response. Whenever you arrive at the airport, you can be sure that your chauffeur will be there waiting for you at the terminal.


Chauffeured Transportation is Faster and Easier than Ever

When you have a corporate event you need to be at, your time is valuable and every second counts. The GPS system our limousine dispatch team utilizes monitors traffic patterns so drivers can divert away from congestion and drive on the fastest route possible.

You and your attendees deserve the highest standard in transportation for your corporate event. We specialize in corporate transportation for any and all group sizes. Our meticulous attention to detail ensures that all of your requirements will be met.


Corporate Transportation Beats The Crowds

The modern workplace is changing rapidly, and a global market means that more people are traveling around the world than ever. Airports are congested and the lines for security are getting longer and longer. You need a reliable way to get to and from the airport, without the discomfort of large crowds. Chauffeured limo service is comfortable. You're not packed in a shuttle with several other tired passengers. Instead, chauffeured airport transfer in PA gives you the privacy and space to relax after a long flight.


Business Class Options Are Expanding

Business class is one of the most lucrative for airlines. More and more airlines are creating innovative designs and features to make business class better than ever. Our Philadelphia limo service is the perfect continuation of the lush business class experience. Enjoy stretching out in one of our luxury sedans or SUVs, and respond to emails and other messages in comfort. It always pays to stay ahead of the curve.

Posted on Mar 14th 2017

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