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5 Business Travel Predictions for 2018

People all over the world set their alarms this morning for the first day back at work. Whether you had a spring in your step or just wanted to stay in bed, you should see January as a time of new beginnings. Itís a chance to make some changes in your personal and work life that can stick with you throughout the year.

Some experts have predicted that 2018 will see business travel prices skyrocket, which means we will have to come up with new ways to make it worthwhile. Technology is advancing exponentially, so we are going to work harder to stay up to date.

By this time in 2018, business travel could be a different ball-game altogether. Here are a few travel predictions that might affect you.


International Increase

International travel is set to increase again in 2018. In Amex Travelís 2018 Trend Forecast, it was shown that American Expressís international bookings were up 44% in the first quarter of 2018. Thatís a huge increase in global travel that is being seen across the board. This might mean that international business travel becomes more affordable because of the increased competition but the increased demand could also mean busier airports and lounges and more expensive business class. In 2018, there is even less excuse to not travel the world to see a customer.


Wellness Weeks

Over the past couple of years, there has been an increase in the desire for wellness weekends, and it isnít slowing down. More and more people will be adding walking weekends, spa getaways and yoga retreats on to their business trips. Who said business travel had to be stressful?


Bleisure Boom

ďBleisureĒ (combining business and leisure) trips are becoming more and more popular. Pioneered by Generationís X & Y, this form of enjoyable business travel is sort of a follow on from the wellness boom. Itís not controversial anymore to add a few days onto a trip to explore the city you are in or take your family with you.


Feel Like Home

Airbnb is no longer the Ďnew kid on the blockí and is now a genuine consideration for any business traveler. Why stay in a lifeless, grey-walled hotel when you could stay in someoneís home? It adds to the authenticity of the experience and might help you make some new contacts in a foreign city.


Technology Takeover

Virtual Reality is becoming more and more common. A few years ago, it seemed like a distant dream, but now travelers can take a virtual tour of their destination before booking. This isnít so important for business travel, as you arenít so much going for the experience. Other predictions include the dongle sticking around (so youíll still spend the year cursing that youíve lost it) and digital subscriptions becoming the new norm. As ever, itís going to be a race to keep up with the technology and to make sure it works for you.

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Posted on Jan 4th 2018

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